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Clorox Stain Remover For Whites

Are you dealing with a whites cleaning issue? if so, we have the perfect solution for you! The clorox pleach pen gel can help you remove any clorox stained whites, and it's 2 oz. Size is perfect for larger projects.

Clorox Stain Remover For Colors

The best way to get yourclorox stain remover to work is to first rinsing it in with cold water. Once it is clean, use a mild soap and water mixture to rub it over the entire area to be targeted. The clorox should last about six months without being used, so continue using it if it gets existing stains or colors existing and it will remove them. if you are using theclorox stain remover on skin, it should be rinsing off and followed by taking a bath in cold water. Taking care will help theclorox stain remover to work more effectively on the colors you want to remove. if your colors are inspired by or related to a product from the clorox family, then it is best to rinses the product off with cold water and then follow the steps below to remove the colors. if you are using theclorox stain remover on clothes, you should hang them up to dry before replacing them. Doing so will help prevent any colors from transferring from the clorox stain remover to the clothes.

Clorox Stain Remover

This product is a 40-count package of clorox stain remover and color. remover helps to clean up stains and allied colors quickly and easily. Plus, it provides pre-measured amount of color brightener to help keep colors bright and healthy. this powerful stain remover is perfect for removing colors from furniture, carpets, slate, paper and other surfaces. It also dissolves stubborn allergens and bacteria, so your home is free of staining problems for both your health and your skin. are you feeling left out with all the different stain removers on the market? not sure you need it? not sure you need the hassle of measuring and javaret. With clorox stain remover and color booster packs of 40 counts, you can get your business going again. this powerful, easy-to-use fabric stain remover is perfect for remove any fabric stains from your clothes quickly and easily. The gentledemocratic formula leaves your clothes looking and feeling like new!